About MCC Legacy Trust

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Established in 2012, the MCC Legacy Trust group of companies is composed of donated assets

that function similar to an endowment, with the purpose of generating ongoing revenue to ensure support for the full spectrum of MCC’s local and global relief, development and peace programs for generations.

Expanding beyond the original gift of property from its founding donor, MCC Legacy Trust exists to come alongside existing and future donors interested in committing their property holdings to help advance the mission of MCC.

The Board of MCC Legacy Trust believes there are faithful men and women throughout BC who recognize that the assets they’ve accumulated over a lifetime of hard work are not their own. These men and women are eager to use these resources to have a significant impact for the sake of the Kingdom of God. MCC Legacy Trust is well positioned to help these individuals fulfill this vision.

Through the hard work and dedication of its Board, staff and supporters, along with the strategic partnerships with developers and builders, MCC Legacy Trust is helping to create a legacy that will have an impact for generations.

track Record Of Growth

Cumulative lot sales & rental units managed

MCC Legacy Trust - track record of growth


MCC Legacy Trust’s vision is to expand the mission of MCC,

globally and locally, with income from endowed and managed assets.


MCC Legacy Trust manages a portfolio of property investments

that produce profits annually for the ministry of MCC BC and encourages the donation of Business and Property Legacies for the support of MCC charitable activity.


MCC Legacy Trust is the vehicle for receipt of assets

(land, businesses, or buildings), development, and operation of these businesses for the support of MCC’s relief, development, and peace work globally and locally.