Briarwood Apartments by MCC Legacy Trust

Briarwood Apartments

Exploring New Opportunities

Ideally located on the approach to the University of Northern BC, the property at Briarwood Apartments presents MCC Legacy Trust with an exciting opportunity for sustained development and growth. The proposed additional apartment buildings will be built on Briarwood’s 5 acre property. This project would be the first of its kind that MCC Legacy Trust has undertaken and would create opportunities for new partnerships and expansion.

The Vision for Briarwood

MCC Legacy Trust received the Briarwood Apartments in January 2019. Currently the property consists of two 36-unit buildings constructed in 1978. The two fully-occupied three story buildings are situated on the perimeter of Briarwood’s 5 acre site with a substantial amount of parking and green space available for potential development.

The rezoning of this unused land on the Briarwood property would present a unique opportunity for the potential construction of three additional apartment buildings comprising a total of 169 units. The development of these new, contemporary buildings gives MCC Legacy Trust the ability to capitalize on the growing demand for rental accomodations in newer buildings in Prince George.

The majority of the apartment stock in Prince George are older buildings constructed in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The goal for the new Briarwood apartments is to deliver attractive and functional amenities for residents, add value to the property, and provide long-term cash flow benefits to Legacy's portfolio.

Potential for Partnership and Growth

This project would also offer the distinctive opportunity for like-minded partnerships with local developers and others who connect with the vision of MCC and MCC Legacy Trust, and are interested in coming alongside to lend their experience and expertise. Establishing relationships such as these are invaluable to MCC Legacy Trust and can be brought into other projects to help ensure successful outcomes.

The success of this new, innovative form of property development would allow MCC Legacy Trust to expand its business opportunities and explore ways in which to replicate with other properties the same model of adding value to its assets by building and renting out additional apartment stock.


The proposed construction of these 3 new buildings would enable the more efficient use of the Briarwood property and make strides in creating a positive, contemporary, and thriving community in the university hub of Prince George for individuals to live and connect.

MCC’s mandate is to wisely steward the apartments and properties it’s been given by managing them in a way that will both add value to the surrounding community and generate a return that can then be invested in the work of MCC around the world. The potential Briarwood Apartments addition and future projects like it, will greatly benefit the flourishing community of Prince George and bring continued support to MCC’s local and global missions.