MCC Legacy Trust

Menno Hall: University Endowment Lands

The prominent location for the newest and most progressive initiative of MCC Legacy Trust and partner Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association is Menno Hall. Menno Hall will provide students, residents and academics of UBC an innovative and purpose-built facility to live, reflect, and study. 

The Vision of Menno Hall

Menno Hall will be an intricately constructed project providing purpose-built student housing, and institutional space. It will be an environment of intentional community and faith with common areas to help promote unity and friendship, academic and study space, a large multi-functional meeting facility, and a chapel for faith and reflection. Menno Hall will be a vibrant, distinct and connected community that builds on history, supports change, and provides a positive new addition to the neighborhood.

A Like-Minded Partnership

MCC Legacy Trust  and The Pacific Centre Discipleship Association (PCDA) have entered into an agreement to jointly develop 2026 Westbrook Mall and 5885 University Blvd into the Menno Hall project.

The partnership of MCC Legacy Trust with the PCDA represents MCC Legacy Trust’s first collaboration with a like-minded external agency. The PCDA is a non-profit Inter-Mennonite organization whose primary focus has been to create a supportive Christian community for students at UBC since 1986. Their intent through the Menno Hall initiative is to expand the number of students they can serve. For MCC Legacy Trust, the project enables them to fulfill their mandate for a stable long-term income source to support MCC initiatives around the globe.

The PCDA will maintain financial and operational responsibility for the student housing element; while MCC Legacy Trust intends to be a long-term holder of the property and will be responsible for the market rental apartments. 

The Menno Hall project sets a template for exciting future opportunities to work jointly with like-minded organizations. 

Purpose Built 

The goal of the Menno Hall is to advance the principles of intentional community and build multi-functional gathering spaces and residences with a considered approach to urban design, landscape and the public realm. It will provide an unique opportunity for the integration of living, faith, and learning.

Primary Project Goals:

  •       A Place of Community
  •       A Place to Live
  •       A Place to Learn
  •       A Place to Pray
  •       An Inspired Architecture
  •       Creation Care Through Sustainability

Innovative Sustainability

Sustainability and conservation are key objectives in the design of Menno Hall. MCC Legacy Trust and PCDA are committed to reducing their energy and carbon footprint through careful management of resources. The development of Menno Hall is a unique opportunity for the UEL to benefit from the community-focused stewardship, which is the basis of Mennonite ideals.

The vision of MCC Legacy Trust and PCDA is to develop a ground-breaking, sustainable facility that will model for others exciting design innovation such as: waste recycling, stormwater management, low embodied energy, and responsibly sourced materials. These innovations will support a more sustainable and resilient community, and place Menno Hall at the forefront of emissions reduction. 

Affordable Housing 

With the continuous rise in Vancouver rents and a vacancy rate of less than 1 per cent, Vancouver is in the midst of a housing crisis that directly affects the individuals studying, working, and living in the UBC/UEL area. While comparable cities devote 30 per cent of the housing market to non-market housing, Vancouver is hovering around five per cent and as many as 14,300 student beds are needed to accommodate students attending university.

In response to the extreme lack of affordable housing in the UBC/UEL area, MCC Legacy Trust has partnered with BC HousingHub to create within the Menno Hall project self-contained, affordable, and conventional market housing.

Looking to the Future

Menno Hall is the first foray into new, innovative projects of MCC Legacy Trust. It is MCC Legacy Trust’s desire to partner in future projects with like-minded organizations, achieving common development goals.

MCC Legacy Trust exists to be a part of unique and forward-thinking projects that add value, creativity and accessibility to properties. The intent is that Menno Hall and future projects like it, will benefit the wider community and bring added support to MCC’s local and global charity projects.