MCC Legacy Trust

Cedar Ridge Estates

The now completed Cedar Ridge Estates is one of the first properties that was given to MCC Legacy Trust. Located in the charming oceanside community of Parksville, on Vancouver Island, the 32 acres of raw land were donated to MCC Legacy Trust in 2013. Working with builder Carey Developments Ltd. and a long-term MCC donor as the project manager, MCC Legacy Trust took the undeveloped property and transformed  it into a 133 lot subdivision of single family homes each with views of Mt. Arrowsmith and within walking distance of the ocean and local amenities. This subdivision of west coast style homes has become an attractive addition to the community of Parksville.

Development of the property began in 2013 and an agreement was made with Carey Developments Ltd. to buy the lots as well as construct and build the homes. The project was divided into five phases completed over the course of seven years with the ultimate phase successfully concluding in October 2019 with the selling of the final lots. 

The company Cedar Ridge Estates Inc. was created by MCC Legacy Trust to manage the project, and has enabled MCC Legacy Trust to establish an income producing enterprise that over the last three years has contributed financially to MCC initiatives. 

Through a well-established company like Cedar Ridge Estates Inc. there are now new opportunities to preserve the capital base and reinvest in future projects.