MCC Legacy Trust

Endowment Building on Gladys Ave

Fred and Ella Strumpski created the vision, led the design, and managed construction of the 33973 Building on Gladys Avenue. The objective of the Strumpski’s was to construct an industrial building on Glady’s Avenue as a way of generating a stable long-term income stream to the MCC. This building is a part of the integrated campus of the MCC Centre which includes the MCC Thrift store, Ten Thousand Villages, the Common Place Café and MCC’s Provincial offices.

The Endowment building on Gladys Avenue was added to the portfolio of MCC Legacy Trust in 2020. This 40,000 sq. ft. building opened in 2016, sits on a 3.7 acres of land. Its tenants include the offices for MCC Legacy Trust, Westco Distribution, Arrow Leadership and the Canada Post distribution center. The Endowment building diversifies the tenant mix with additional industrial/commercial tenants for MCC Legacy Trust.