MCC Legacy Trust

Build Your Legacy


We encourage you to consider the donation of your property to MCC BC as part of your legacy that will generate funds to assist people in need for years to come.  Consider the long term benefits that would be realized for the work of MCC and business and tax benefits keeping your real estate portfolio intact.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Receiving an immediate income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the real estate and a graduated gifting strategy in tax planning
  • Maintaining the value of your portfolio of properties for the charity and your legacy while donate in the absolutely most tax efficient manner possible
  • When ready you can leave management of your assets to a seasoned management team that is well able to step into management, whether on a graduated or full time basis.
  • Allowing other beneficiaries to be taken care of through the income stream of properties through our trust services.

Contact us using the form below to start a conversation about how you can leave a legacy that can impact people around the world through MCC for years to come.