Park Village and Pine Glen are 250 apartments located on two large properties in a mature neighborhood of Prince George. Between the two sites, Legacy Trust has 21- twelve unit buildings built in 1965. While the buildings were in need of major repairs, the suites are large with two and three bedrooms; ideal for families.

Weibe Properties recognized the difference that could be made in Prince George and due to their diligence the life of the apartments has been extended. The completed major renovation program helped create a safe, clean and affordable environment for low-income families, giving these families a healthy community to raise their children. The renovations have improved the quality of the neighbourhood and rejuvenated the community. This sustainable business helps generate income to support the mission work of MCC at home and around the world.

Through MCC BC Programs, the Activity Coordinator has helped create a Community Center in these buildings that provides a number of programs that connect and support the residents. A community garden, establishment of a drop-in center, children’s programming, community clean-up projects, and social events are initiatives currently being delivered.