Mennonites believe that their Christian walk should reflect a life of love and charity for all people. This belief has help differentiated MCC’s work for 100 years. MCC must continue to put these beliefs into action while at the same time take steps to build sustainable revenue sources that will help ensure the organization is well resourced for decades to come. In doing so, MCC can ensure that the next generation can share God’s love and compassion for all in the name of Christ.

Currently MCC is working in over 50 countries around the world. The impact that the organization is having in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people is significant. And yet, the needs of the world seem to be never ending. By developing and managing the donated properties to produces maximum income, MCC Legacy Trust is creating sustainable revenue sources that will help MCC BC fulfill its purpose.

The Board of MCC Legacy Trust has a larger vision however. The Board of MCC Legacy Trust believes there are faithful men and women throughout BC who recognize that the assets they’ve accumulated over a lifetime of hard work, are not their own. These men and women recognize that they are trusted stewards of God’s resources and they are eager to find creative ways to use these resources to have a significant impact for the sake of His kingdom. Not for their own glory but in responses to God’s lavish generosity in their lives.

MCC Legacy Trust is well positioned to help these individuals fulfill this vision.

MCC Legacy Trust is also interested in building partnerships with real estate developers, as they have assets to reinvest in joint ventures that can be profitable for all involved. MCC Legacy Trust has the leadership and resources to be a valued partner.

MCC Legacy Trust’s vision is to expand the mission of MCC, globally and locally, with income from endowed and managed assets.

We manage a portfolio of property investments that produce profits annually for the benefit of MCC BC and encourage the receipt of Business and Property Legacies for the support of MCC charitable activity.

MCC Legacy Trust is the vehicle for receipt of assets (land, businesses or buildings), development and operation of these businesses for the support of MCC’s relief, development and peace-work globally and locally.